Having ‘The Talk’ with a trans or non-binary adolescent

Sooner or later, every parent needs to have “the talk” with their children, as they cross that threshold from childhood to adolescence, the bridge to adulthood. Dating. Sex. Boundaries. Some parents may wonder, “How is ‘the talk’ different if my child isn’t cisgender?” Short answer – it isn’t different. Body parts are body parts. Respect for boundaries remains the same. What IS different is this: your kiddo has been born into a transphobic culture, and can’t help but absorb some less-than-helpful attitudes about who they are. You can’t shield them from the world, much though you would like to. As with all other “talks” you have with your kiddo as they mature, the primary focus of this “talk” should be on how unique, how fabulous, how excellent it is that they are living true to themselves. They deserve the same respect, to be able to love and be loved, as anyone else. And then tell them how much you love that true self of theirs.