Our own queer hero!

Congratulations to Patt Bekken, our chapter president, for being selected as a GLAPN 2021 Queer Hero! GLAPN (Gay and  Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest ) honors a Queer Hero for every day of the month of June. Nominations come from community members, and Heroes are chosen by an anonymous committee comprised of previous winners.
Formed in 1994, GLAPN has worked to bring to light the history of LGBT+ identities and unrecognized contributions throughout the region. GLAPN also partners with various colleges in the Pacific Northwest, providing resources to students researching LGBT+ history.
Since the Queer Hero Award’s inception in 2012, several PFLAG members have been honored as recipients. Patt joins the PFLAG chapter itself (2012), Reid Vanderburgh (2012), Joyce Liljeholm (2013), Mike and Rhonda Laughlin (2014) in having received this recognition of a job well done!
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