PFLAG Portland and Facebook

Dear PFLAG Portland family,

The recent reporting about Facebook and Instagram’s negative effect on its users’ mental health is very concerning. It is even more alarming that Facebook not only knew about these effects through their own internal investigation and instead of taking steps to remedy the harm, took steps to profit from their negative effects. One of the goals of PFLAG Portland is to create a safe community where “people who are LGBTQ and their families [are] safe and secure, no matter where they live, work, study, pray or play.” Facebook is not living up to this value.

Since the beginning of the Covid Pandemic PFLAG PDX, has had to adjust how our community joins together and a vital component of that has been the use of Facebook and its ability to share information and allow people to connect. This has put PFLAG PDX in the difficult position of recognizing the harm Facebook has on the community, but also the reality that Facebook is the best tool to keep us connected, especially at a time when we are still unable to gather in person.

At this time PFLAG PDX has decided that we will continue to use Facebook, despite the negative effects, because it is the most effective tool to keep us connected, for now. PFLAG PDX will continue to explore alternatives to the Facebook platform to share information with our members and our hope is to find an alternative in the near future.

For tips on how to use Facebook and protect your mental health please check out the blog post that we have linked here.