Fourth Saturday Program & Support Circle Jan. 22, 2022

Today’s program is “Relationships in Flux: How Partners Experience Transition”

Many trans people are in relationships when their identity comes to the forefront for exploration. Changing one’s life at the bedrock of gender is perhaps the biggest form of transformation a person can undergo. All aspects of life are affected, from birth family to job, school to best friend from grade school. But what of the partner? They have their own life-changing process to undertake, and often feel their journey is overshadowed by that of their trans partner. Here are some comments from partners. One wife said, “If my husband has always felt like a woman inside, then who am I? Am I automatically a lesbian? I’ve never been attracted to women!” One lesbian partner said, “I’ve lived as a lesbian my whole adult life. If I stay with my partner through transition, then I’ll be involved with a man. I’m not a straight woman or even bisexual!” One wife said, “I don’t know how to move past the feelings of betrayal – why didn’t he ever tell me until 20 years into our marriage???”

Come to our January 22 PFLAG Connects meeting as our own Reid Vanderburgh will lead a discussion about how partners experience the transition process. A former therapist, Reid worked with many partners of those in transition.

A full-length Support Circle will follow the program.

Our Support circles are a place where you can meet with other parents, loved ones, and allies of the LGBTQ+ community, to learn from each other, share stories, and express worries in a loving, safe, and supportive space.

Joining a PFLAG Connects Support Circle

Our PFLAG Connects online circles function a little differently than our in-person support circles. Here’s how to join a Circle:

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Jan 22 2022


11:00 AM - 1:00 PM