Support Circle Plus: PFLAG Moms

The core purpose of PFLAG remains as it always was – supporting parents in adjusting their hopes and dreams for their children, recalibrating their life lens to view their children as they truly are. Even today, with children born in April of 2021, most parents unconsciously assume those children are cisgender and will grow up to be straight. Though perhaps not as much of a shock today as in 1980, it is still a big adjustment to turn off that identity auto-pilot. PFLAG provides the safe space for parents to express their feelings – all their feelings – about this new-to-them information. There is usually some degree of loss and grief parents go through, letting go of who they thought their child was in order to embrace who they really are. Who better to provide support than those parents who are a little further along the journey?

Come join us April 24 as we hear some of our chapter’s history, presented by Kristan Knapp and Susie Shepherd (the daughters of the founders) and Patricia Keeney and Joanne Ross, parents who were integral to the organization some decades ago.

Joining a PFLAG Connects Support Circle

Our PFLAG Connects online circles function a little differently than our in-person support circles. Here’s how to join a Circle:

Learn how to Circle online before you join the meeting by reading the PFLAG Connects Participant’s Guide on our website.

Click on the big REGISTER button at the top right of this page. You’ll be taken to an e-registration form. Please fill it out and submit it at least 1 hour before the start of the Support Circle. If you’re under 18, a parent or guardian must attend with you. Tip: include your pronouns in the Last Name box. Example: Chelsea Circler (them, they)

We’ll send you an email with the meeting join link and optional dial-in instructions. Save this email! It contains your only ticket to the Circle.

Download the Zoom Meetings app from the App Store for your digital device.

Join on-time. Better yet, join early. The Circle Waiting Room opens 10 minutes before the circle starts and closes shortly after starting time. For your security, no late admissions. When the host begins setting up the meeting room, the Waiting Room will open. At the scheduled start time, the host will admit you to the meeting room.

If you have any questions, send us an email at

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Apr 24 2021


11:00 AM - 1:00 PM